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About Telemedicine Solutions

Telemedicine Solutions (TMS) is a nationwide provider of the most advanced telemedicine solutions in the United States.  A group of highly skilled providers has been subcontracting their services to large companies and decided to take their services directly to the facilities.  The end result is no middle man, better communication, and most importantly a lower investment to provide these valuable services.  TMS excels in providing personalized consulting services to a variety of hospitals ranging from Critical Access Hospitals, Small, Medium, and Large Rural/Urban Hospitals, and Academic Institutions, in order to 1) identify telemedicine service lines that would benefit your facility and 2) develop effective strategies to reduced mortality rates, improve patient/family satisfaction, lower malpractice premiums, and increase in confidence in your hospital for both staff and the community at large. 

With its partnership with KCA Firm, TMS is unique in that it is the only Telemedicine firm in the country that also provides permanent placement solutions.  Often times, a great telemedicine solution can lead to an expansion of existing services as well as starting new service lines.  And now with this KCA Firm,  you are able to partner with a knowledgeable team that has placed over 400 physicians in over 70 different specialties.