Our History and Mission

About TMS

We serve over 15 hospitals in 10 states including Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Kansas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa.

Established 2013

Adding our Telemedicine services may have some surprising impacts on your facility.

​A few examples include:

  • ​Retention of key talent – ICU nurses enjoy caring for sicker patients as opposed to ‘babysitting’ patients
  • Increased employee morale due to staff retention
  • Better outcomes
  • Higher patient ratings

A message from our President

Michael Kedme

Michael Kedme

CEO of KCA Firm

“We understand that you have choices;  my goal is to make your decision an easy one! At KCA, we only partner with highly skilled industry-pioneering physicians who are continuously working with our clients to come up with the best solutions.  Your facility gets to add world-class providers at a fraction of the cost while keeping patients and their families happy as they stay in their local community, all the while the hospital and their staff get an opportunity to take care of sicker patients.” – Michael Kedme

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide outstanding care by improving outcomes, standardizing medical management nationwide based on best practices, providing a positive experience for our patients and their families, and allowing physicians the flexibility to avoid burnout and enjoy the practice of critical care medicine.

Meet the Robots

We use the best technology around to provide better solutions for your facility. 

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