Billing | Coding | Certification

Our physicians will help your physicians and your team with better coding practices. We assign our billing fees to you. TMS will collect their fees while you have an opportunity to collect on the billings.

Our process will also assist in certifications. For example: Leap Frog Certification. An integral part of Leap Frog Certification is having an intensivist program. Our tele critical team will set your facility up for that certification.

We have reviewed hundreds of mission statements. While there are variances from one mission statement to another, the commonality in all facility mission statements is to improve upon the overall health of the community.

Telemedicine Solutions helps address your mission statement – to improve upon the health of your community. We help you accomplish this by looking at the health of your community in a different way.

Keeping sicker patients in your community has a positive impact on both your community and your facility. No one wants to drive out of their community to visit sick family members and friends.

Happier Patients. Healthier Patients. Higher Profitability.

It turns out that doing what is best for your patients is also what is best for your hospital’s bottom line.

Telemedicine is the latest trend in healthcare and will be responsible for improved access to over 60 million in rural communities and as well as those in urban communities.

Telemedicine benefits:

  • Improved healthcare access for more than 60 million in rural (and urban) communities
  • Cost-effective
  • Higher quality of care
  • Resolves supply and demand problems – there is a significant and worsening physician shortage as noted by KCA Firm, a premier nationwide physician recruiting firm